How to Change Twitter avatar with Transparent PNG

Posted by Fajar Setiawan on Sunday, March 31, 2013

Twitter has banned a transparent png for avatar. so, i will try to share some steps to trick this regulation. without further ado lets start.

1. Prepare an transparent png image.

2. open http://twtkr.olleh.com/, sign in and authorize apps with your twitter account
3. open your profile page, by clicking your name on the left top of the page
4. after you get in to your profile page, follow this picture by clicking the red part (there is no red sign in the website and i don't know what it means.. so just follow)

 5. Click browse and select your image, and then click the upload button (like the red-signed part elow)

so, its done :D please share this website with your friends. Sorry for my lack English. Enjoy
Take out with full credit : fajarsuwon.blogspot.com

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agung imamudin said...

nice info gan

Fajar Setiawan said...

opo ae to mbles ..

Dian Eka said...

thank you! It helps :D

Fajar Setiawan said...

you're welcome ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I almost didn't try this because it looks a little sketchy but it works. Just remember to revoke access after you do it just in case.

Gaurav vashisht said...

thank you it helps a lot

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